LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky explains the LiveGood membership model

In this rare footage, LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky takes a moment during his afternoon ride to share his vision and to explain how the LiveGood membership model works. He addresses a common question regarding the compensation plan, emphasizing that LiveGood’s model is not the traditional network marketing approach. Instead of focusing on high mark-ups and commissions, LiveGood keeps its product prices affordable while maintaining high quality. The company’s goal is to provide value to customers and offer an opportunity for individuals to succeed in the network marketing industry. With its rapidly growing presence, LiveGood is making a positive impact and reshaping the industry. So, be sure to tune in to hear directly from CEO Ben Glinsky and gain a deeper understanding of the LiveGood membership model.

During a casual conversation with a network marketer, LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky addresses a question that many may have regarding the compensation plan. He highlights the uniqueness of LiveGood’s business model, which focuses on memberships rather than product purchases. Glinsky explains that while an individual may bring in a substantial volume of business revenue through product sales, LiveGood does not pay commissions on these purchases. Instead, LiveGood aims to keep prices low to make their high-quality products accessible to more people. By providing exceptional value and affordable prices, LiveGood offers individuals the opportunity to succeed in network marketing. The company’s rapid growth is testament to its positive impact in the industry. To fully grasp the LiveGood membership model, it is essential to hear directly from CEO Ben Glinsky.

LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky explains the LiveGood membership model

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LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky

Background and expertise

Ben Glinsky is the CEO of LiveGood, a company that specializes in health products and operates using a unique membership model. With years of experience in the network marketing industry, Glinsky has extensive knowledge and expertise in building successful businesses. He has a proven track record of creating innovative business models and empowering individuals to achieve financial success.

Leadership style

As a CEO, Ben Glinsky is known for his friendly and approachable leadership style. He values open communication and encourages collaboration within his team. Glinsky believes in leading by example and is deeply committed to the success and well-being of his employees and members. He fosters a positive and inclusive work environment, where everyone’s contributions are valued and appreciated.

Vision for LiveGood

Ben Glinsky’s vision for LiveGood is to revolutionize the network marketing industry by providing high-quality products at affordable prices. He aims to create a positive impact on people’s lives by offering value-oriented business opportunities. Glinsky believes in the power of transforming the traditional network marketing model and helping individuals achieve financial freedom and personal growth.

The LiveGood Membership Model

Overview of the membership model

The LiveGood membership model is a unique approach to network marketing. Instead of focusing on product purchases, LiveGood emphasizes the value of membership. Members have access to a wide range of benefits, including discounted prices, exclusive promotions, and educational resources. The membership model creates a sense of community and loyalty among members, fostering strong relationships and long-term retention.

Benefits of being a member

Being a LiveGood member comes with numerous advantages. Members receive discounted prices on high-quality products, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Additionally, members have the opportunity to earn bonuses and incentives through the compensation plan. They also gain access to valuable educational resources, training programs, and mentorship to support their personal and professional growth.

Compensation Plan

Focus on memberships, not product purchases

LiveGood’s compensation plan is unique in that it rewards members based on their ability to build and maintain a strong organization of members, rather than solely on product purchases. This approach ensures that members are incentivized to focus on the growth and success of their team, rather than solely on sales volume. By prioritizing membership acquisition and retention, LiveGood creates a sustainable and mutually beneficial business model.

Structure and bonuses

The compensation plan is designed to reward members for their efforts in building a successful organization. Members earn bonuses based on their team’s sales volume and performance. As members progress and achieve higher ranks, they unlock additional earning potential and incentives. The compensation plan provides a clear pathway for members to increase their income and achieve financial success.

Income potential

LiveGood offers significant income potential for its members. By leveraging the power of the membership model and building a strong organization, members can earn substantial income through commissions and bonuses. The income potential is directly proportional to the member’s dedication, effort, and ability to grow and support their team. LiveGood provides a fair and transparent compensation plan that rewards members for their hard work.

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Differentiating from Traditional Network Marketing

Explanation of traditional network marketing

Traditional network marketing typically focuses on selling products and building a customer base. It often involves high markups on products to support large commission payouts. Many network marketers struggle to sell expensive products and face challenges in retaining customers due to competitive pricing and availability of similar products in the market.

How LiveGood’s model differs

LiveGood’s model differs from traditional network marketing by prioritizing a membership-based approach. Instead of high markups, LiveGood offers affordable pricing on high-quality products to attract and retain customers. The membership model creates a sense of community and loyalty, fostering long-term relationships and repeat business.

Advantages of LiveGood’s model

LiveGood’s model offers several advantages over traditional network marketing. By focusing on memberships, LiveGood aligns its incentives with the success and growth of its members. The affordable pricing strategy ensures that customers can access high-quality products without breaking the bank. The membership-based approach also creates a supportive community, where members can learn from and collaborate with each other.

Affordable Pricing Strategy

Importance of affordable pricing

LiveGood recognizes the importance of affordability in attracting and retaining customers. Price plays a significant role in a customer’s purchasing decision, and LiveGood aims to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. By keeping prices competitive, LiveGood ensures accessibility for a wider range of customers and facilitates customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Lowering costs without compromising quality

LiveGood’s commitment to affordability does not come at the expense of product quality. The company carefully sources and develops its products, using only the highest quality ingredients and materials. Instead of inflating prices to generate higher profits, LiveGood focuses on reducing costs through efficient operations and strategic partnerships, passing the savings on to customers.

Effect on sales and customer loyalty

An affordable pricing strategy has a positive effect on both sales and customer loyalty. Lower prices make LiveGood products more accessible to a larger customer base, increasing sales volume. In addition, customers appreciate the value they receive for their money, which fosters loyalty and repeat purchases. LiveGood’s affordable pricing strategy is a key factor in creating a sustainable and successful business.

High-Quality Products

Product development and sourcing

LiveGood places a strong emphasis on product development and sourcing. The company is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products available. LiveGood works with industry experts and formulators to develop innovative and effective health products. The sourcing process involves rigorous quality control measures and the use of organic and natural ingredients.

Comparison with competitors

LiveGood’s products are designed to rival the offerings of its competitors. The company carefully analyzes the market and identifies key competitors to ensure that its products stand out in terms of quality and value. LiveGood strives to surpass competitor offerings by utilizing unique formulations and incorporating additional ingredients with high antioxidant content. This dedication to product quality sets LiveGood apart in a crowded marketplace.

Customer satisfaction and reviews

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for LiveGood. The company values customer feedback and continuously seeks ways to improve its products based on customer needs and preferences. LiveGood’s products have garnered positive reviews from customers who appreciate the quality, effectiveness, and affordability of the products. The high level of customer satisfaction contributes to the company’s reputation and success.

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Selling Expensive Products in Network Marketing

Challenges faced by average network marketers

Average network marketers often face challenges in selling expensive products. The high price point can deter potential customers, especially when similar products are available at lower prices elsewhere. Additionally, customers may question the value they receive in exchange for the high price, leading to difficulties in closing sales and retaining customers.

How LiveGood overcomes these challenges

LiveGood overcomes the challenges of selling expensive products by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. By keeping prices low, LiveGood eliminates the barrier to entry for customers who are price-sensitive. The focus on value and affordability, coupled with the membership model, ensures that customers see the benefits of choosing LiveGood over competitors.

Success stories from LiveGood members

Many LiveGood members have experienced success in selling products despite the challenges faced by average network marketers. By emphasizing the value and quality of LiveGood products, members have been able to attract and retain customers. The combination of affordable pricing, high-quality products, and the support of the LiveGood community has empowered members to achieve significant sales and build sustainable businesses.

Revolutionizing the Network Marketing Industry

Goals of LiveGood

LiveGood’s primary goal is to revolutionize the network marketing industry. The company aims to transform the traditional model by focusing on value-oriented business opportunities and affordable pricing strategies. LiveGood strives to empower individuals to achieve financial freedom and success through a supportive and inclusive community.

Changes in the traditional model

LiveGood is disrupting the traditional network marketing model by shifting the focus from product sales to membership growth. By emphasizing the importance of building a strong organization of members, LiveGood creates a sustainable business model that benefits both the company and its members. This change in the traditional model allows for greater income potential and long-term success in the industry.

Creating a positive impact in the industry

LiveGood is committed to creating a positive impact in the network marketing industry. The company prioritizes ethical business practices, fostering transparency and trust among its members and customers. By providing high-quality products at affordable prices and offering a supportive community, LiveGood aims to change the perception of network marketing and help individuals achieve their goals.

Value-Oriented Approach

Customer-centric philosophy

LiveGood operates with a customer-centric philosophy, prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of its customers. The company believes that providing exceptional value to customers is key to building long-term relationships and ensuring their success. LiveGood listens to customer feedback and continuously seeks ways to improve its products and services based on customer needs and preferences.

Added value for members

LiveGood offers added value for its members beyond just product discounts. Members have access to exclusive promotions, educational resources, training programs, and mentorship opportunities. LiveGood values the personal and professional growth of its members and provides the tools and support needed to succeed in the industry. The added value enhances the membership experience and strengthens the relationship between LiveGood and its members.

Building long-term relationships

LiveGood understands the importance of building long-term relationships with both customers and members. The company’s commitment to affordability, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service fosters loyalty and repeat business. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and member support, LiveGood creates a strong foundation built on trust and mutual success.


In conclusion, LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky and the LiveGood team have developed a unique and innovative business model that challenges the traditional network marketing industry. By focusing on a membership-based approach, offering affordable pricing on high-quality products, and providing exceptional value to customers and members, LiveGood is making a significant impact in the industry.

With its commitment to creating a positive and inclusive community, LiveGood aims to empower individuals to achieve their financial and personal goals. By revolutionizing the network marketing model, LiveGood provides an opportunity for individuals to succeed and thrive in the industry like never before. Looking ahead to the future, LiveGood continues to grow rapidly and make a lasting and positive impact on the network marketing industry.

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