CEO Ben Glinsky Of LiveGood Shares His Reason For The Company Model

In this video, CEO Ben Glinsky of LiveGood dives into the network marketing industry and discusses how it works. He reveals a common pattern in the industry where companies sell products at high prices, allowing them to pay out large sums of money in compensation plans. However, Ben points out that this model only benefits a small percentage of people who are actually making money, while the majority (95%) are struggling to earn anything substantial. To illustrate his point, he gives examples of how we wouldn’t accept overpaying for products in our everyday lives, so why should it be accepted in network marketing? Ben believes it’s time for a change and aims to fix this broken industry.

In this enlightening video, CEO Ben Glinsky shares his reasoning for the LiveGood company model and the problems he perceives in the network marketing industry. He brings attention to the reality that a small percentage of individuals are profiting significantly, while the majority are left earning little to nothing. Ben underscores the absurdity of overpaying for products in this industry, challenging the notion that it should be acceptable. With a passion for change, Ben aims to fix the broken network marketing industry through his LiveGood Health Products Wholesale Membership Club.

CEO Ben Glinsky Of LiveGood Shares His Reason For The Company Model

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Reason for the Company Model

Issues with the Network Marketing Industry

The network marketing industry, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), has faced numerous issues over the years. One of the main problems is the overpricing of products. While the average production cost for these products ranges from eight to twelve dollars, companies sell them for much higher prices, often exceeding one hundred dollars. This overpricing allows companies to pay out generous compensation plans, but it also leads to a lack of consumer value and difficulty in selling the products.

Another issue within the MLM industry is the disparity in compensation. While some individuals may be successful and earn a substantial income, a significant portion of MLM representatives struggle to make any money at all. This creates an imbalance in the distribution of earnings, with only a small percentage of people benefiting greatly from the compensation plan.

The Problem of Overpricing

To understand the problem of overpricing in the network marketing industry, let’s compare the average production costs with the sales prices. As mentioned earlier, the production cost of these products ranges from eight to twelve dollars. However, companies sell them for much higher prices, sometimes exceeding one hundred dollars. This disparity between production costs and sales prices not only creates an unfair advantage for the company but also makes it challenging for MLM representatives to sell the products.

The impact of overpricing extends beyond the difficulty in selling these products. When potential customers can find similar products on platforms like Amazon for half the price, it becomes increasingly difficult to justify the high cost. This lack of consumer value greatly reduces the success rate of MLM representatives and leads to a sense of dissatisfaction among customers who feel they are overpaying for the products.

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Disparity in Compensation

Compensation within the MLM industry is often distributed unevenly, with a small percentage of individuals earning a substantial income while the majority struggle to make any money. This imbalance can be seen in examples where top earners drive luxury cars and company owners flaunt their private jets, while single moms who join the MLM in hopes of making extra money barely scrape by.

The struggles faced by single moms within the MLM industry highlight the issues with the current compensation system. These individuals often find themselves buying overpriced products to support their upline’s earnings, while they themselves struggle to make ends meet. This disparity in compensation further exacerbates the broken nature of the industry and the need for change.

The Need for Change

Given the numerous issues plaguing the network marketing industry, there is a clear need for change. The current model is broken and does not provide a fair and equitable opportunity for everyone involved. To address these issues, LiveGood Health Products aims to introduce a new model for success within the MLM industry.

By creating the LiveGood Health Products Wholesale Membership Club, LiveGood seeks to revolutionize the network marketing industry. This new model emphasizes fair pricing, improved compensation plans, and a focus on creating genuine consumer value. The goal is to provide MLM representatives with a better opportunity for success while ensuring that customers receive quality products at reasonable prices.

Introduction to the Industry

To fully understand the need for change within the network marketing industry, it is essential to have a clear understanding of what MLM entails. Network marketing is a business model that relies on individuals, known as MLM representatives, to sell products directly to consumers. These representatives usually earn commissions based on their sales and the sales made by the individuals they recruit into the MLM company.

While network marketing offers the potential for financial independence and the flexibility to work on one’s own terms, it also comes with its own set of challenges. MLM representatives often face high product costs and complicated compensation plans, which can make it difficult for them to achieve significant success within the industry.

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High Product Costs and Compensation Plans

One of the key challenges faced by MLM representatives is the high product costs associated with network marketing companies. As mentioned earlier, these products often cost between eight to twelve dollars to produce, but they are sold to consumers at significantly higher prices. This pricing strategy allows MLM companies to pay out generous compensation plans to their representatives but can hinder their ability to sell products due to the lack of consumer value.

Compensation plans within the MLM industry can be complex and confusing. Representatives are typically rewarded based on their sales volume and the sales volume of their downline, meaning the individuals they recruit into the company. While this system has the potential to provide significant earnings, it often leads to a disparity in compensation distribution, with only a small percentage of representatives earning substantial incomes.

LiveGood’s Wholesale Membership Club

In response to the issues within the network marketing industry, LiveGood Health Products has introduced the Wholesale Membership Club. This new model aims to address the problems of overpricing and disparity in compensation by offering a more consumer-friendly approach and a fairer compensation structure.

The LiveGood Wholesale Membership Club provides customers with the opportunity to purchase products at wholesale prices. By eliminating the inflated prices typically associated with network marketing, LiveGood ensures that customers receive products of high quality at affordable prices.

Furthermore, LiveGood’s compensation plan focuses on providing equal opportunities for its representatives to earn a significant income. Instead of relying solely on recruiting others into the company, the compensation plan rewards representatives based on their sales volume. This approach aims to create a fair and inclusive system that allows individuals to achieve success through their own efforts.

The LiveGood Wholesale Membership Club offers numerous benefits and features for both customers and MLM representatives. Customers can enjoy discounted prices, access to exclusive products, and a supportive community. MLM representatives can benefit from a simplified compensation structure, ongoing training and support, and the potential to earn a substantial income based on their sales performance.

In conclusion, the network marketing industry is in need of significant change to address the issues of overpricing and unequal compensation distribution. LiveGood Health Products, through its Wholesale Membership Club, aims to revolutionize the industry by promoting fair pricing, improved compensation plans, and a consumer-centric approach. By doing so, LiveGood seeks to create a new model for success within the network marketing industry that benefits both customers and representatives.

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